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Gotta Love ESP!!!

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Yesterday I made a speed stop on a 300C doing 94 MPH. I was stopped on the right shoulder monitoring traffic. Traffic was doing about 70-75 MPH with the occasional car doing 82-83 MPH. Speed limit is 70 MPH. I could have gone after the 83 but I know if I wait a few more seconds, I could get a car doing 90 plus. I get the 300 passing traffic and I estimate his speed at 95 MPH at 700 feet out. I activated my handheld radar unit and I locked in a speed of 94. FYI, the radar gun has a fastest mode. It is able to track two targets. The biggest target with the strongest radar signal(group of traffic) and the fastest speed in the radar beam. I pull him over and he stops in the right shoulder off the pavement into the loose, dry dirt.

So I contact the driver. Right off the bat, I get the attitude. "Why did you stop me?" I advised him the reason why I stopped him and I ask for his license, reg and insurance. Dude continues with questions, "I want to see your radar. How do you know it was me?"... and so on. If there ever was a book on how not to behave when pulled over, this guy never read it. Needless to say, I went back to my motorcycle and wrote the ticket.

I walk back to the car. Now this guy is livid. Surprised that I wrote him a ticket. Out come the F-Bombs. I ask him to sign the citation. He grabs my ticketbook out of my hand and practically carves his signature on the ticket. I politely give him back his information and ticket and advise him the court procedures. I give him my standard, "Drive safely and watch your speed".

As I start to walk back to my motorcycle, the guys turns on his car, puts it in gear and punches it. TOO FUNNY!!! The rear wheels spin in the dirt slightly and stop. Then the 300C lurched and sputtered away, slowly accelerating. The ESP kicked in! It saved me a dirty uniform and dirty motorcycle. I have had many instances in the past when drivers get soo mad that they spin the wheels to kick up the dirt as a last retaliation. But this was awesome. The 300 just pulled away safely.

THANK YOU DCX!!!:thumbs_u:
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i almost got out of my last ticket i think. between hints on how to behave from here and listening to my best friend the LEO i've about nailed the procedure.

1) Pull over as soon as it's safe and safest for the officer.
2) Turn off car.
3) Roll down ALL windows and turn on ALL interior lights.
4) Leave hands on steering wheel until the officer approaches.
5) POLITELY inform him of your moves before you make them.
6) Be honest. (this is what i think hurt me on my 60 in a 35. I wasn't sure of my record and he pulled it and i was wrong lol)
7) Be polite even if you do get the ticket. These guys have a rough job. How many of us can actually say "Yeah I could get shot doing my job today."

Good story Jose glad you escaped the shower o' rocks!
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