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Because Good is too frikkin low!!! He deserves a great category.

A lot of people know and have seen Erik's work but I just have to
add my 2 cents.

Not many people can start a tear down of a 6.1 at around 9 am on
a Saturday morning, have everything capable of being swapped over
on a 426 and in the car by 5pm that night and then start the next
day at 10 am and have everything buttoned up and the first key turn
and the motor running at 2 pm that afternoon.

This man know torque specs, bolt sizes and clearances by heart! He
treats people fair and stands behind his work 110% and doesn't point
fingers if something is not right. And that doesn't happen very
often as he makes sure things are good even before he starts the job
and just gets it done.

Erik is NOT what someone before has tried to call a "shade tree
mechanic"! Well organized bay and stocked tool box and you'd think
you're going to get hit with one of those a big a$$ mechanic bill
in the end but that is not the case. Very reasonable rates. So if you
have the chance to get the car up to BFNY, it is well worth the trip!

No wonder ShopHemi.com gave him the "The Mark Burkhardt Ambassador Award"
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