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While rank-and-file autoworkers are relieved that an auto bailout finally has been reached, union leaders called terms of the White House deal unfair to union members and retirees, and already are gearing up to lobby the Obama administration and Congress for changes.


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"The hourly pay and compensation for UAW workers totals about $55 an hour. The figure climbs to more than $70 an hour when automakers' costs for health care for retired workers and retirement benefits are included. The hourly pay and compensation at foreign automakers is about $45 an hour, labor analysts say."

I think the over weight pig needs a diet. After 20+ years in the military, I don't even come close to that kind of money, and that is including my wages from my current job.

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If they filed Chap 11 then they could break all the union contracts and work from there. But it not just the unions, its is upper managment as well.

The problem is the UM guys aggreed to these stupid deals with the union and they shoudl be S-Canned, file chap 11 protection, break the contracts, and Start over with NON union work force.

Given how Mi has been of late I would be shocked if they even took a day or 2 to re hire people.

If you think your neck of the woods is fubar, Mi has been that way for over a year now.

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