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We are offering 10% off the Garage Floor Protector mats and Road Carpets! Each of these can dress-up your garage, The Road Carpet also looks pretty good in the house too!

**• Extra-wide one-piece construction
**• Overlap or butt together for seamless look
**• Easy installation-No adhesives required
**• Channels liquids & debris out of garage
**• Helps prevent concrete deterioration
**• Prevents soil & water contamination
**• Cushioned comfort for walking & working
**• Fresh scent keeps garage smelling great
**• Vapor barrier, moisture will not penetrate
**• Easy to cut for any application
**• Ultra durable-Formulated to last for years
**• Slip-resistant surface
**• Anti-fatigue construction
**• Anti-static, non-conductive
**• Insulates and quiets

*• Surface is easily washed with soap and water. Product can be easily washed off inside or outside of garage. Brush or sweep with cool water using a broom or sponge squeegee. Mild soaps and normal household detergents may be used. Some people prefer moving the product outside and hosing it off.

**• Normal household vinyl cleaners may be used to increase longevity and to remove stubborn debris. Certain automotive vinyl products may cause surface to become slippery. Use a non-slip vinyl protector such as a clean-and-shine floor cleaner.

**• This is not a stain-proof product. However, some of our customers have reported that spray-on Brake and Tool Cleaner, found in many auto parts stores, will remove most stubborn stains without damaging the product. Never use harsh chemicals such as tar remover or kerosene on this product.

**• After cleaning, apply a coat of floor polish for vinyl floors to add a long-lasting, high-luster finish, even to older garage floor protectors.

17x7.5' mat - $184.99
20x9' mat - $259.99
22x10' mat - $314.99
(discount can be taken off of these prices)

A color listing can be seen on our website. They are listed in the left column of the opening page.

The ultimate display carpet for any auto enthusiast. Perfect for garage protection,**automobile dealers, etc. The patent pending design and construction is not only stunning to view**but rugged enough for semi trucks and race cars. Constructed of 100% all weather nylon face. Black background with actual Dept. of Transportation yellow and white lines in a scaled down*version to fit any application. Resists mold, mildew, UV Light. Great for indoors or out. No*snapping or cutting.. just unroll n' go. Each 10' x 16' road is hand bound around all edges for a*custom look.

KR-1016 10x16' King of the Road Carpet $289.99
KR-1020 10x20' King of the Road Carpet $389.99
(discount can be taken off of these prices)

Orders can be placed online or by calling 1-877-4-TBYRNE (1-877-482-9763). This sale will be ending on Sunday, August 13th.

Have a good day!
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