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FS: Various Magnum Stuff

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-6.1L Magnaflow High Flow Cats- Make me a REASONABLE Offer

-Magnaflow exhaust tips with pipe to muffler- Make me a REASONABLE OFFER

-Dodge Magnum Bra with Front liscence plate(slight hole in bottom right) $50

-Collogan Magnum Bra with Front Liscense plate-$75

-Scanguage- $75

PM me
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MagnumSXT said:
Trying to get rid of all of the evidence before Mrs. Foxx returns?
...NO :)

The Bra's were for my R/T which I do not have any more, and the Tips should hook up to any muffler (slight cutting might be required, I am not sure
You get everything from the muffler back:

Collogan Bra:

Dodge Bra:
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Scan guage has been sold, the rest is still for sale
Both Bra's are for sale, both pictured above with prices..both have cut out for front license plate...PM me if you want them
1 - 4 of 8 Posts