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As the title says, I'm letting go of my srt8 rims, TPM Sensors are included. These are off my '07. Just got done cleaning them up real nice. No curb rash on any of the wheels. However one has a minor blemish on the lip from me using a harsh chemical to clean it, which most likely can be buffed out. Another has some slight markings on it what appears to be scratches, have no idea what it is from. Both of these matters can easily be covered up if buyer chooses to powdercoat the wheels. Other than that, no other problems. I'm asking $900. I highly encourage local cash only pickup as you can see these first hand before purchasing them. I will ship them also, but be aware it is expensive. I have no way of packaging these so I will also have to purchase packaging products to ship them, that also must be taken into consideration. Shipping via UPS Ground will cost $200. I also have 2 stock Goodyear RSA tires, size 245/45/20 with a good amount of tread on them that I will let the buyer decide if he/she wants for free. Please read rules before posting opinions/comments. Thank you for stopping by and checking out my thread. Before I get hounded about my low post count. I've been a member on lxforums for along time now, it's just I am mainly on chargerforums. Same post is over there you can check it out. Name is Insidious_srt8. And now for the pics.

All 4:

Minor blemish:


TPM Sensors:

Part #'s:

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I would love to buy these but the cash flow is a little slow right now.:sad:
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