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FS: ** 402 Motoring Version 1 Spoiler w/ 24" LED **

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Want a version 1 rear spoiler made by the master craftsman himself? Well then act QUICK...BUT there is one catch.....I have to have your stock spoiler in my hands on this Friday. Yes I know it is Christmas on Thursday, and no UPS/FEDEX delivery...Sooooooooo that means if you are not close enough to meet me, your spoiler will need to be overnighted to me. Basically you have to get your spoiler in the mail to me 2MORROW!!!! This Version 1 spoiler has the 24" LED in it. Paid over $700 for it since I have the 24" LED in it. Asking $450 since you will have to get it repainted. So for one you can be assured that you will have a V1 spoiler without the waiting in line. :) Also price might be a weeee bit negotiable depending on overnight charges to ship your spoiler to me, but not by much. :)

Link about the spoiler:


**Disclaimer** There is another one small catch to this, and I can explain to you by PM if you are really interested in the spoiler.

^^You know this can't just be an easy transaction right!!! :)
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^^Ya I hear ya man.
Right outside Savannah GA.
^^Neg on the Challenger.
why are you selling
I sold/traded the Magnum yesterday. I do have possession of it, but only until Friday until they install the leather in what I bought. I am actually borrowing my Magnum, since I did the deal 65 miles out of town, and had to get back to my house somehow....Basically the Magnum was sold through the dealer to an exporter. He bought it with all the mods on it for the most part. I did mentioned that I wanted the wing off of it, but not sure if they noted it..So I was taking it off anyway if it can be done by Friday..Ernie does not have an extra wing, and I can't find one in a salvage yard nearby. The car will end in FL somewheres since the exporter that bought it lives in FL...I was kinda trying to wait until I have possession of the vehicle before I tell what I bought in a thread..It is far far from what you think, and only Ernie and Super T know at the moment. LOL But rest assured that I am a mad modder, so this one will be treated as such! :) It is not a Dodge, and I am not excited about the forums I have to be a part of now. LOL But also rest assured I will be back in another 3 years to the Dodge side of the family I am sure!
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Sounds like ricearoni time.
Neg..Even though I did not buy an American named vehicle, it is built right here in the US of A! It is a Toyota Tundra. There now ya have it! Ya I bought a truck! LOL But I am putting a supercharger on it, and in the end it will be a 0-60 in 5.0 sec!!!! All that and modded out!
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