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Anyone want a 170 degree thermostat for $10 total shipped to your door? (Lower 48 USA) It has been used for about 2 months at this point. I'm sure it is in perfect condition.

I'm switching to a Stant 180.

This is the thermostat recommended by Meister because it has a fail safe feature so that if the t-stat fails, it fails open so you don't overheat. I have the original box it came in still.

This is very easy to install. Secure (tape) a ziplock baggy under the hose, remove 2 bolts, pull out the old t-stat, put the o-ring on this one, and install this one. Button it up and you are done when you pour the coolant back into the jug.

Check or Money order preferred. Paypal possible, but annoying. Paypal charges a fee for me to accept money on all transactions. (They say they don't, but it is there on every transaction I've ever had.)
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