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To Flame or not to Flame?

  • Yes go for it!

    Votes: 60 80.0%
  • Heck No, No flames on the Magnum.

    Votes: 12 16.0%
  • Im not sure.

    Votes: 3 4.0%

Flames or not flames?

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I saw this picture on another post, and thought this would fit my magnum scheme. What do you think; would these flames look good on a Magnum?
Its winter time soon and I thought this would be different. What's your opinion? (p.s. I stole this picture from some one)

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Cools Flames

I don't think the old school flames would work well with your wheels, ghost flames or pinstriped flames on the other hand work with everything.
You want some really cool flames, check out these.
yeah, yeah , I know it's a Vette but they looked sooo cool...Just highlights and shadows, very subtle...
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1 - 1 of 49 Posts
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