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First Official Club LX Meeting & Car Show!

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Club LX will be holding it's first official meeting on September 27 at 4PM at the Chic Filet in Howell NJ. This is the last show of the Season at Chic Filet, and we would like to have as many members show up as possible. We will also be having a meeting prior to the show in order to discuss Club business. If you are interested in becoming an officer and help to grow our Club please make it a point to get there around 4pm, If you are interested in attending and need further info, feel free to pm me or Fred (FJP).


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To be fair to everyone and to give all a opporunity to make other plans the meeting and Chic's show is cancelled. The weather forcast doen't appear to be changing.
The meeting will be held at the Support the Troops show instead next weekend.
I hope to see everyone at the Troops show!
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