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I'm sure we can do something. I'm a ball cap kinda guy and would love to have one stiched. There is still a ton to do.

I will also be meeting with bubbamagnum this weekend discuss more options.
Right on... This is the last request, I promise...... Large stitched patch. I'm working on a leather letterman jacket and I would like to get a rocker patch done for the back.

Thanx, Marc

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Once we get pricing and a catalog printed I'll order. :)

I'll probably want 5 of the stickers and a couple of shirts, maybe some sweatshirts when them come online. I like the hat idea as well, and I agree with the small left front and large on the back.

Great job, I'm already impressed with the creativity, talent and work ethic of some of the club members, not to mention the awesome cars!!

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Everyone is joking about these, but that would be hilarious to actually make them.

I'm not sayin', I'm just sayin'.

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Hey I want to join

With the recent events in the past few months I have decided to seek members for a new club in the Central California area.
The club would cover the Central California region. Territory would probably be from Yuba City all the way down to Fresno- area could be larger depending on how much interest is shown.
One of the steps to starting a club and being recongized by the LX forums is to start a thread and show visible interest. So if you would like to join just post your name on this thread and we can get the ball rolling.

My thoughts on the club would be as follows:
1. No Dues
2. All LX owners are welcome
3. Structure of the club would be decided once the club becomes official- I would not like to be the leader of this club, however I would like
to perform duties like I have in the past... such as organizing the club
calendar, reqruiting new members, posting deals on LX products, and
anything else that I see that could help the club grow.
4. People involved in the club, not just a few people doing all of the work
in the club. I feel that a club is about a group of people not individuals.
5. Club structure would be decided by majority vote, this would be
decided by the members once the club has the ability to be
recognized. I would like to see the diplomatic approach when
dealing with club functions.
6. No Drama
7. Club meetings once a month- location would be determined once we
know where the central point of our members would be.
8. Intercating with other area clubs like Wild Style and SoCal, hanging out
with people that are just as crazy about thier cars as we are.

To steal a phrase from Jerry Maguire--- Ok who's with me??

If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of just reply to this post with your location and name.

1. Kiley AKA Bubbamagnum Roseville,CA
2. Steve AKA Smosher Modesto, CA
3. Matt Robertson - road warrior
4. Tamara AKA ChargerGirl Dublin,CA
5. Hector AKA 07inferno San Jose, CA
6. ART AKA KrzySRT Modesto,CA also C4 club member
7. Brian AKA Hemi Iam Yuba City,CA
8. Mark The TAC King Modesto,CA also C4 member
9. MartyW California
10. Ken AKA Talon Antitoch, CA
11. Tony AKA IceCharger RT East Bay,CA
12. Dave AKA SRT-8 4D2 Fresno, CA also a C4 member
13. JAG Central Cali also a C4 member
14. 69 CAM
15. AngelSRT8 Merced,CA
16. Magnumdude Central Cali
17. Rugby Lock Sacramento,CA
18. Bruno - Clovis, CA
19. DaddyGoFast -Steve Plumas Lake, CA
20. JOBee - John San Ramon,CA
21. 1SickMag- Fairfield, CA
22. Magmania- Dave, Fairfield, CA
23. Hemilover- Paul Sacramento,CA
24.stoney_mag_420-Ryan Fairfield,Ca

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#8 still here. Away from the scene for a while. I'm back and still down.

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Right on. I'll always be CenCalLX, but a few of my buddies at work are starting up a new club.... 99 Mopar, coming soon.
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