Description: Not having much luck selling the car as it sits, so I might consider parting it out and turning the drivetrain back to being primarily stock.

Engine is a 5.7-based 6.5L stroker. Fully forged, K1 crank, 9:1 Wiseco pistons built for boost. Shortblock built and assembled by ERL Performance in their world-class facility down in Louisville. Heads are early-model Thiteks with all the bells and whistles. Comp cam, 228/236 on a 116 LSA. Can provide as much detail about all the parts as needed. This engine has about 6,000 miles on it.

2.8L Kenne Bell Supercharger in black finish. This supercharger setup has about 5,000 miles on it.

This combo should net you 600rwhp easily as it sits. With a proper tune, fuel system, and a smaller pulley, that number could easily grow. I will need your stock 5.7 cores in return. If someone also wanted the trans out of my car, that could be factored into the deal as well, but obviously at an additional cost. The trans was done by BFNY/Enhanced Transmissions and is fully capable of handling the power and then some, and also has a BuilderBill/Paramount stall converter in there. Please also keep in mind that there are BT aluminum valve covers on here too that go for about $1,000 brand new. If you dont want those, that's fine (I will take your stock ones or source some from elsewhere). If you do want them, be prepared to factor them into the buying price.

This is just a feeler thread to see who might be interested for now. We can either arrange a time to do the swap at BFNY Performance in Cleveland if you are somewhat local or willing to ship your car there, or I can look into having the whole combo palleted and shipped to your location from BFNY. Whatever works. Shoot me a PM if interested and let's discuss options.

Price (USD): $10000.00

Shipping & Pickup: Can Meet / Pick Up in person, Can ship within Country
Shipping Cost (USD): $0.00