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Hi folks,

Selling a new complete Dual DVD Headrest Invision kit (2 headrests with DVD players) for the 2005-20008 Charger/Magnum/300 in medium grey factory leather.

I purchased this on the forum from dconyers recently for my 06 MSRT hoping to use the DVD players from the headrests, but they are a bit too wide for the tappered SRT headrests and I have a custom set-up I am going with in the Spring. These have been unpacked to check on size and then reboxed but never installed.

Each headrest has it's own DVD player and 7" screen, the system wires into the LX audio systems and comes with 2 wireless headphones and 2 wireless remote controls, Game system A/V inputs.

PRICE = $550 USD (includes shipping)

These are the ones that can list out over $1200 at the dealer, but on eBay are listing at $899 as shown at this link:


I also have for sale my original 06 REC 6 disk NAV unit with the revised joystick and Nav antenna, in perfect condition that has the TV&Nav2Go DVD converter box/harness mod and also the in-motion software mod for sale .....AND .....the Mopar iPod Adapter if someone is interested in all 3 (or 2), I could work a combo deal (I have the MyGig in my Magumb now).

I will be listing all of these on eBay soon separately but wanted to offer them up to fellow LX-ers first.

I will take PayPal and eat their fees if that works for the buyer.....or good, old Money/Postal Order also works.

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wow, i really need this for my kids. if you still have these next month, i have to get them.
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