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Encounter with a 300C SRT today

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As I was driving home in my GTO on i-595 west today, a 300C caught up to me, and then there was some traffic, he maneuvered around me and was ahead. It was an SRT8.

He jumped on it before i-595 turned into I-75 North (toward Naples) and got quite a bit ahead. I was still stuck in traffic.

However he waited for me.

Then we both waited to pass a well-known speed trap.

There were no troppers at the trap and the highway was pretty clear, so he gunned it and I gunned it too. At 100, he was slightly pulling away. I got up to 120, he was still slightly pulling away. At this point I didn't want to go any faster. So i let go off the gas pedal and let the engine slow me down.

Then the strangest thing happened. Chunks of something black started flying from under the SRT8, and something black flapped down from the bottom of SRT8 to the ground, like an airbrake. He slowed down and started pulling over to the right shoulder. As I passed him, I saw something like a big sheet of plastic flapping up and down under his car.

I feel bad now that I didn't stop and check if everything was OK. Just didn't think about it. I guess when I am on the road my goal is to get from point A to point B without stopping anywhere. [so SRT8 dude, if you are reading this - sorry that I didn't stop]

But what could this be flapping under the car, I don't think he caught something from the road.
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Probably a plastic dust shield the cars have up front. It's a PITA. Needs to be removed to gain any type of access to the underside. I can see if someone were to bottom out a few times the front plastic clips braking off which would allow air to get in there and at high speeds pushing it down enough that if a pothole or something that would cause the car to dip and have it hit the ground it would break off. Sounds like you had fun though!
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