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I am posting this for a member on his way to S.E. shindig and has no manual or access to internet.

I need a picture of the AC compressor clutch fuse location (Airconditioning not working) or description of location within the fusebox.


Symptom; Left turn signal flashing extremely fast with lights off (both turn signal lights working)

Symptom; Turn signal clicking but no turn signal lights (with lights on)
Ideas why the lights are acting up, yes he was fooling around with electrical system :doh:

Thanks in advance

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Fuse 22 in the panel under the hood controls the ac clutch. There are several fuses listed.

Did the ac just slowly stop working or did it occurr over some driving??

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Couldn't find the A/C clutch fuse location, owner's manual lists a Climate Control Fuse. It is in the rear of the car, to the right of the spare tire, in front of the battery. It is fuse #41 , a 10 AMP red fuse.

Have no clue as to the lights.............



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See if he has any dtc's for the ac. Here is a procedure:

To enter the MTC system's Display DTC Mode, perform the following:
1. Turn the ignition to the On position.
2. Turn the blower motor control (1) to the On position.
3. Press the A/C mode switch (2) down, turn the
blower motor control to the Off position, wait three
seconds and then release the A/C switch. The MTC
system automatically switches from Lamp Test
Mode to Display DTC Mode. If there are active or
stored DTCs to display, the A/C status indicator (3)
will begin to flash. If there are no active or stored
DTCs to display, the LEDs on the A/C-heater control
(4) will turn off and the system will automatically
exit the mode of operation.
4. To manually exit Display DTC Mode, either turn the
blower motor control to any speed setting, or turn
the ignition off, or disconnect the negative battery
cable from the battery.​
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