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I've been collecting parts for a couple of months to refresh my 300k motor in my 06 Magnum, so far I have:
Eagle heads
SRT manifolds
Cometic .070 head gaskets
full gasket kit etc.
I would like to figure out how to calculate what length my pushrods will have to be to compensate for my head gasket, I've already gotten a rough idea of my compression ratio, which will be about 10.7-8:1. Should I be worried about piston to valve clearance? I plan on buying an FRP scud or scud 111 cam but I'm open to other suggestions for a stock converter. I'm looking to not break the bank putting the motor together, I've put enough money into the front end made of glass and the rusty rear end. Any suggestion or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Keep in mind I'm in Canada so everything that isn't OEM is going to be 200+ in border fees to get it to my house.

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