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I’m looking to swap a VVT Eagle Engine into my 2006 Chrysler 300C. My engine is trash and the car has just been sitting for a while and it’s time to put a motor in.

If I wanted to put an Eagle Motor in what additional parts would be needed to make the car start?

If I don’t do the Eagle swap I will probably put in a PowerTrain Pre-Eagle motor with some better internals (MLS Head Gasket, Newly designed Pistons, Oil Drainage Holes in Head, Stronger Valve Seats, Corrected Timing Chain & Tensioner).
Thank you!

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This thread should help, especially Hunter300C post at bottom of page 2: 300 - 6.4l 392 swap into 06 5.7l

He put a 6.4 into an '06 using '09 computer and harness. The point is to run VVT - doesn't really matter if it is 5.7 or 6.4.
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