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Dumb question of the day...

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Ok... heres the deal. Did the police oil cooler mod and got everything put back together today to fire it up and check for any leaks. Car fired right up and I ran it for about 10 min. C.E.L. came on, did key dance, came up with 2181. Did search, came up with low coolent level. Kind of figured that!
Question is this... how long does it take for the coolant tank to drain back into the block? Came up to temp and the heater isnt working. Didnt swap thermostats, didnt even take it out. Just replaced the thermostat housing with a BT one. Should I leave the cap off of the coolant tank, or should I let it build up pressure and just let it cool down on its own? Cap on or off the tank?
Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Never delt with this kind of thing before. I'm kind of old school when it come to cars and trucks. Just put antifreeze in the radiator, run car untill it gets up to temp, cool down and put more in it. Is it as simple as that with these newer cars?
Thanks again!:beerchug:
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There is? Where is it at?
It is the 1/4 " allen head plug just below the thermostat. Lossen it about 1/2 turn while hot and then let the engine cool down and remove the plug.
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