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Driving Stylez

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I was just watching a fellow magnum on the road today and i just started to think man how does the people on the forum drives. Mainly the modded mags. well i have a sxt and im a weaver in and out of traffic. Everyone say i make the mag feel smaller when they ride with me. Im curious to know how the higher powered mags roll. Anywayz HAPPY HOLIDAYS :beerchug::friday:
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Well, I certainly don't have a lot of power under my hood but when I do (like when I drive the wifes Charger) I consider myself to be an offensive driver. I offend alot of people. I can barely tolerate going the speed limit and like so many others have said, if you're in the left lane and not passing anyone, I'm gonna use all available real estate in getting around you.
I don't like tailgaters and I usually will downshift a gear or two and then play speed up and slow down. I'll slow down just enough to make them hit their brakes and when they do, I'll speed up. I can amuse myself for miles on a road that has no passing zones:) I find the people that tailgate the most are on their cell phones or are teenagers.
My .02.
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