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Driving Stylez

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I was just watching a fellow magnum on the road today and i just started to think man how does the people on the forum drives. Mainly the modded mags. well i have a sxt and im a weaver in and out of traffic. Everyone say i make the mag feel smaller when they ride with me. Im curious to know how the higher powered mags roll. Anywayz HAPPY HOLIDAYS :beerchug::friday:
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I don't have a lot of patience for slow idiots so I usually try to get around them. Now I don't weave in and out of traffic the whole way, but sometimes I need to.

Usually it's only if I'll gain quite a bit, I won't pass just to get in front of one car if there are other cars right in front of that one anyway. If there is 20 car lengths between the person I'm behind and the next car, yes they get passed.

I have a lead foot, it's hard to drive slow anyway, but it makes it worse because my Mag feels like it's just crawling along unless I'm going at least 75 or more. Unfortunately I can't always do those speeds.
Apart from the traffic,give me an open road and i am best friends with the auto stick and 3rd gear is sweeeeet...Needless to say my gas tank seems to empty faster than usual when i drive like this, but at 66.5cents/liter bahaha who cares :racing::racing:
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