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Driving Stylez

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I was just watching a fellow magnum on the road today and i just started to think man how does the people on the forum drives. Mainly the modded mags. well i have a sxt and im a weaver in and out of traffic. Everyone say i make the mag feel smaller when they ride with me. Im curious to know how the higher powered mags roll. Anywayz HAPPY HOLIDAYS :beerchug::friday:
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I aggressive with out traffic to deal with, tend to dive hard into the corners and power out the same. Traffic picks up and I calm down, but if you are slower, you will be passed. I also have NO tolerance for tailgaters. I pick up a lot of them on a 25mph street near my house. It's patrolled so I won't go over 30, but many people think that 45-50 is a good speed. If I cant see your bumper in the mirror you are probably still ok, but when the headlights disappear, I'm going 25 on the button. Stay that close and I have no issue with 20,15, or even 10mph.

The best part is after we loose the double yellow and the speed limit goes up to 40 I hammer it and sprint away. I have yet to have somebody pass me on the 4 lane road after tailgating me in the 25 zone. So you wanna go 50 in a 25 but won't go over 38 in a 40, WTF!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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