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I found this on the bitsandpieces.us blog
This is crazier than the dogfood in the
PT Cruiser.

This guy ran over a mattress and decided to keep going. The ensuing jumble finally whipped around enough to put a tear in the gas tank, the subsequent lack of fuel is what finally brought this vehicle to its knees.
It had still managed to drive 30 more miles decently with a 60lb tangle wrapped around the driveshaft.
This genius complained that the vehicle had a "shimmy" when driving at high speeds.
This is what the dealership found…………..


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Sorry, it's that sometimes I like to sleep on the freeway. I guess this guy didn't see me as he drove by. Worst part of the whole incident, it that the damn S.O.B. woke me up as he took off with my mattress.

BTW, where can I get some of those cool sunglasses in the first pic. Are those Ray-Bans??? :rock:

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Somehow things like this do not surprise me anymore. You can tell a lot of the people out there driving do not have a clue whats going on or what they did. :banghead:


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most mattresses come with a 10 yr warranty - he's covered. :)

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35 years in EMS. Very little surprises me.

People are often upset with the black humor of emergency response personnel but we learn early in our careers that the people we see, most often cause their own problems!
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