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Ladies and gents,

Who here has come out to their car only to discover that their tack or speedo has stopped working??? I HAVE!! lol

I will try to be as basic as possible but I have figured out how to diy repair our early clusters with a parts cluster from the junkyard... here it goes!

The first step is identifying that you have a problem, my tach worked on and off for a week or so until it just quit. I spoke to a company that does cluster repairs and they say that it is usually the stepper and it you work the needle manually you will feel/hear a baby grinding in the motor.

Disassemble your parts cluster, and de soldier one of the motors (they all look the same but I picked the tach motor) You will need an adjustable soldering iron and a decent soldier sucker (both of mine came from eBay years ago)

-the problem with these motors is that the little magnetic ring comes loose from the plastic drive gear, a couple drops of super glue and you can probably save from having to buy a parts cluster. BUT you will still have to desolder it from the board.

The pics should be pretty self explanatory, let me know if you have any questions.
-the motors didn't seem to be available new, I imagine they are proprietary.

I don't have an electronics background, just automotive and I have been self teaching myself some new skills, anyone of you can do this with enough patience and steady hands!

Thanks for reading,

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