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Dino V. Synth

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i've been meaning to ask this for about a month now:

If you go synthetic do you have to use it until the engine blows up or can you switch back and forth?
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You can switch back and forth if you want to. I just wouldn't do it. I'd decide what I was going to do and then stick with it. If you were worried about a Synthetic's quality then you pay some place like Blackstone labs to do an oil analysis to tell you how your oil is doing after x miles. (Search the forums for blackstone and you'll find a thread or two)

The primary (good) reason people go with Synth is for the extended drain intervals that can be had with a quality synthetic oil. If you are going to change your oil at 3k no matter what then stick with a good Dino oil, a very good oil filters (like K&N for example...there are others) , and save yourself some money.

I'm using Synthetic so I can change my oil every 6k miles. The oil says it is good for 7500 miles and my filter is supposed to be good for 25k... I prefer to play it safe since filters are cheap and oil is cheap enough at 6k miles.
Also search for the Oil bible (it is a pdf file) lots of info there too. bobistheoilguy.com is a great site as well, as Husker mentioned.
Fram was one of the worst filters tested in terms of quality.

Turf: You can run synthetics longer if
A> The company you are getting synthetics from has a good warranty policy that covers failure due to the *proper* use of their oil.
B> You properly use the oil, don't drive past the milage, follow the rules, change your filters, etc etc.

There are 2 that I know of: Mobil 1 and Amsoil. Mobil 1 says to follow your factories drain interval, I believe. Amsoil says for you to follow their drain interval that they tell you and use their oil filter and you will be covered if you have engine problems.
Ouch! That is some spendy stuff! I'll stick with my $4 a quart Amsoil. Even that ain't cheap but at least I can go 5k to 6k miles on it between changes which saves me a lot of time!
Great stuff that Amsoil.

Using their recommended 7500 mile drain interval for the 5W-20 oil you will nearly break even money-wise over dino oil.
Don't do 7500 miles without some lab analysis done. The 5w20 amsoil experiences shearing in our engines. (really tight engine) The shearing leads to a higher viscosity oil... mine came out to a 10w20 after 3k miles.

I'm about to get my analysis results back at 5k miles and I'll see if I want to switch to the 0w30 or to Mobil 1. (The biggest problem with Mobil 1 is that I can't get the right type here and definately not for a fair price...Amsoil is much cheaper through my dealer/friend who gives it to me for cost.)
Don't get me wrong...it *is* a very good oil. Just happens to experience shearing in our engines. Supposedly the 0w30 has more anti-shear additives...I haven't looked closely yet.
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