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I have zero experience on a road/track of any kind except 1320 ft in a straight line lol.... I have to say, it was a blast. my son and I both took a gt3rs' for 7 laps. I will admit, I was terrible and it was very challenging. would need a lot of time in the car on that track before I could do anything worthwhile.

They did have the hellcat "drifting" which was cool. Those drivers are pretty amazing. If you all ever get the chance, do it... it was beyond fun.

The first 2 laps they took us with a professional driver, in the porsche SUV Cayenne ... and lap 1 was slow he was showing us the track to get familiar with it, then before the 2nd lap straightaway, he asked if it was OK to do a fast lap... I laughed and said of course.... until he hit about 120 going into turn 1 and I was scared like a little baby... I could have sworn we were going to roll over and hit the wall as he made turn 1 at like 70mph... I could not believe what that guy did in a "truck". certainly have a new found respect for both professional drivers and the porsche cars and suv's.... very impressive and perfectly suited for that kind of driving.

All that being said, the best "sounding" car there was the hellcat sliding around the turns at WOT.... I got some video clips I'll try and post when I have time.

Before this day, I had thoughts of wanting to take the cat onto a course like this but I'm not sure that is a great idea lol..... what a great overall experience though

and yes, my 18 y/o beat my best lap time by about 4 seconds somehow...

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