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I recently installed one of Cold Air Inductions CAI systems on my 2008 Challenger SRT8 after looking at many systems that are available. What I was looking for in a CAI was both an improvement in performance while giving my engine compartment an enhanced business like look. After looking over what Cold Air Inductions had to offer, I felt I had finally found a system that delivered exactly what I had in mind. When my system arrived and I looked it over, I was impressed with the overall quality of each piece and how well they all fit together. The system was well thought out and looked good. Plus, it was an easy install, even for someone with little or no automotive skill. Installation required only a screwdriver and socket and about thirty minutes of your time. (Even a Chevy owner should be able to install one of these CAIs). I chose the black finish as I didn’t want the system to jump out at you when you opened the hood, just enhance the engine compartment. Plus, it looks great in my engine compartment since my Challenger is Brilliant Black. It almost looks as if it’s a factory installed unit…but, not quite. It just looks as if it belongs in the engine compartment.

And, while it looks great, it also delivers improved performance; my Challenger feels as if it now has more power and as a bonus is getting better mileage! Not sure how much the increase in mileage but it is noticeable. I need to run some figures with the next few fill ups to see what my mileage actually is. It should be interesting since I can see the increase. Now I’m thinking I need to change out my mufflers to complete the process. (Free flow in….Free flow out).

I highly recommend the system if you are looking to improve performance and gas mileage. Not to mention the looks of your engine compartment…..
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1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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