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This TSB might apply to your situation.


Steering Column Dash Seal Squeak/Rubbing Sound​
This bulletin involves verifying the squeak/rubbing is originating from the lower steering
column shaft seal, inspecting the seal and either cleaning and lubricating the seal and
collar or cleaning the collar and replacing the seal.​
2005 - 2007 LX 300C/Magnum/Charger
2006 - 2007 LE 300C/300C Touring Edition
2007 L2 300C (China)​
The vehicle operator may experience a squeak/rubbing sound originating from the lower​
steering shaft dash seal. The sound may be due to a lack of lubricant.

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Maybe the fact its -infinity degrees in Winterpeg something is frozen and bound to make noises? Either that its the above mentioned TSB. My sxt has done this for the last year I`ve just been too lazy to drop the under dash cover and clean this steering column boot n lube it.

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The same thing was happening with my 06 SE, the dealer replaced the whole steering column under warrenty, good thing as the bill would have been around $2500 cnd.

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