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CORSA Vid and sound clip

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Hey everyone, I finally got a vid of my exhaust at last Friday's NOVA Car Meet, courtesy of wbornio. Thanks Wayne! Everyone absolutely LOVED the sound. Even at the stoplight while leaving the meet, a guy in a Mustang commented on how great it sounded.

This is Airaid CAI, Dynatech SuperMaxx LT Headers with high flow cats and the 5.7 CORSA cat-back. Not a full range of sounds and the sound in park isn't NEARLY as powerful as when in drive, but it's something!


At this link you can compare mine with JWEEZEY's Daytona and the Borla. He's got HUGE tips on the exhaust. It's a more mellow sound. Both clips made by wbornio on the same camera back to back.
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Damn both of your cars sound great, but that Corsa system sounds awesome!

How loud is it when you are cursing around town?

I am looking for am exhaust system that could pass for stock at startup/idle and cursing around town, but sounds like the world is coming to an end at WOT.

I would love to see some more clips of your cars if you have'em? :grin:
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