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Hey everyone,

In this day in age and with the current economy, it seems
that there is a large and growing group of Americans that make an effort to "Buy
American". As a manufacturer, Cold Air Inductions Inc. is proud to say that not
only are our products made right here in America, but we also do most of our own
processes in house. We are a Michigan based company about an hour north of
Detroit, the "Motor City", and have stayed true to our roots with building our
brand new manufacturing facility just 1 mile outside of our small and tight knit

I think it is important for consumers and potential customers to
know that we do not utilize out of country call centers, that our materials come
from within the united states, we team up with U.S. suppliers and equipment
companies for our needs, and that we only offer applications for domestic
vehicles. This is who we are, we are proud to offer a high quality system that
is made right here by hard working Americans with American Materials. Could we
save a buck or so by getting some cheaper products from across the pond, sure,
but it is more important to us to offer a quality product that is helping the
U.S economy and workforce.

If you want a CAI with the highest quality available in terms of materials, design, and craftsmanship, look no further, because that is what Cold Air Inductions Inc. is about!


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You should get one of the "Billy Mays" type guys and do a late night/early morning Infomercial.
I'm serious! You would get so much business, you'd always be on back order.
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