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Central Florida Roll Call

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OK central Florida its from Tampa to Daytona, Lets see who all is here.:racing:
2. KGBPro - Orlando
3. ToddRT - Dunedin (sorry about that Todd)
4. Magbone - Debary
5. Sublime186 - Debary
6. Jmaldo - Orlando
7. legmaker- Orlando
8. russ244 - Daytona
9. RTJunkie- Orlando
10. O-Town Magnum - Orlando
11. BlkMagnumr/t - Tampa
12. Daytona1259- Port St. Lucie (new owner SchimboMango--Winter Garden)
13. Heat 116 - Port St. Lucie
14. Florida R/T - Ocala
15. Mr. Pezo - Ft. Pierce
16. DeafCharger - Orlando
17. TorRedReign - Ponciana (Gone to MOPAR heaven R.I.P. 09/26/2010)
18. OcalaHemi - Ocala
19. Jmaldo - Orlando
20. Prince Galahad - Orlando
21. SixSickSheep - Okeechobee (R.I.P guy we all miss you to this day)
22. Blu Hemi - Orlando
23. WILLIE 091161 Orlando/Winter Park
24. 06ChargedHemi - Brandon
25. BlackBeauty - Tampa
26. Stockman - Merritt Island
27. Hemi05 - Oviedo
28. BubbaMagnum - Winter Springs
29. NothinButNick56 - Windermere
30. DragginWagon - Tampa
31. Ladybreeanna - Lake Mary
32. RPMSRT8 - Palm Bay (Former notifed 02/18/08 sold his Charger SRT8, sorry to see ya go Roger)
33. 1HotWGN - Citrus County
34. RTBoyle33 - Clearwater/Largo
35. 05MagnumRT - Safety Harbour
36. 7thSon - Riverview
37. Skreechy - Tampa
38. 1 Sick 300 - Longwood
39. Sublime#852 - Bartow
40. Dstyl3 - Orlando
41. Ltdodge - Oviedo
42. Limetime - Port Richey
43. HemiGirl
44. turbo_neon
45. 07ChargerSRT8-Daytona
46. Mrs. 07ChargerSRT8 with her Charger also-(HemiX2) (Daytona)
47. chargeragain-Daytona
48. Mopar-nut-Leesburg
49. Mrs. Mopar-nut (love ya Lisa!!!)-Leesburg
50. Trooper80-Orlando
51. CB FLA MAG-Tarpon Springs
52. Chargeron24s - Orlando, FL
53. Mango3037 - Orlando, FL
54. Graywolf - St. Cloud
55. R/T Todd & Nicole - Winter Garden
56. JRGoodman--Lake Mary
57. 09ChallengerSRT--Dr. Phillips
58. BoriCharger--Winter Garden
59. BatHemi--Orlando (previously ChargedHemi)
60. Schimbo Mango -- Winter Garden
61. ecballer -- Orlando
62. MagnumManAWD--Winter Haven
63. AsphaltDragon--Brooksville
64. Elamb23--Palm Coast
65. Decimus--Orlando
66. BlueMagic300 (Monchito) WHO's your DADDY???--Orlando
67. 09ChallengerSRT--Orlando
68. HerSRT8--Lake Mary
69. FLSRT8--Orlando
70. Deeman75--Orlando
71. Omning--Orlando
72. FoxRider--Windemere
73. PhiDelt389--Orlando
74. rsmith63--Tampa/Sarasota
74. Ahbizmal--Tampa
75. Madcane--Ocala
76. UWSACF--Orlando
77. whodeysrt--Port Orange
78. Jokersmokem--Orlando/Kissimmee
79. Twagner--Orlando
80. DravenGSX--Clermont
81. Threehundredc-Apopka
82. Badfish-Tampa
83. Khalidstx-Orlando
84. SRT EZRA -- Clermont
85. Pandamonium-Poinciana
86. HEMISixty -- Clermont
87. SIKRT -- Orlando
88. GodsRodsHemi -- Apopka
89. dacm99 -- Deland
90. MrGlock -- Kissimmee
91. KingofKings2584 -- Orlando
92. BulldogsRT -- Lake Wales
93. Garabed53--Altamonte Springs
94. Spenvose -- Winter Garden
95. QuikBrik--Sanford
96. trogan -- Orlando
97. UpInSmoke -- Orlando
98. Badflame101 -- Orlando
99. DadsRam -- Apopka
100. DogBoneRT -- Riverview
101. Rudedog -- Oviedo
102. Chingon863 -- Frostproof
103. EliteChgRSRT8 -- Orlando
104. Jim McVeigh -- Lady Lake
105. Dsktsunami -- Tampa
106. JoseGuervo -- Orlando
107. TheyCallMeMike -- Saint Cloud
108. ragemvp -- orlando
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:friday: "Buuuuuurp, sorry was having a cocktail while typing guess I got carried away..... Pass another one.....please. :beerchug:
Put me down for Fort Pierce.
Got ya down, I didn't know your from Ft. Pierce, for the past month I have been working down in PSL traveling back and forth every week in time to get back here to Orlando for the weekly Old Town Cruise.
:wtf: I don't see my name! I feel left out. :sad:
Got ya Mike...your always included and after tonight at Old Town your part of the Checkered Flag crowd!!!! Congrats on the Flag dude.:rock:
:bump: :bump:
Orlando FL, right here
Welcome Aboard :welxcome:

JMaldo-- good guess where you 1st choice of a personalized tag went.
Merritt Island, checking in. :racing:
Got ya down, welcome
Checking in from Oviedo.
Got ya down, Welcome
Since Pinellas Co. is west of Tampa are we considered West Coast ?
Actually Part of Central, we cut horizontal lines in the state, for North, Central, South. BLKMagnumR/T is one of our directors and he is in Tampa, and Todd R/T is very active sitting up M&G's over in your area.

:banana: :banana: :chickdance: :banana: :banana:
These Central FL people don't understand!! Us West Coasters don't like being called "Central Florida people". :Na_Na_Na_Na:

I'm going to secede!! Wanna start our own region?? :)
Ya just want to be different.......:bsflag: :blah: :blah: :blah:
I know things are different in that part of the world over there.

Just kidding, we need ya and wouldn't want to loose ya for any reason.
These Central FL people don't understand!! Us West Coasters don't like being called "Central Florida people". :Na_Na_Na_Na:

I'm going to secede!! Wanna start our own region?? :)

Sure there are four or five of us over here. With the price of gas today it would be nice to have more activities in this area too.
That is a great IDEA, having more Tampa/St. Pete area events. I know Bob (BlkMagnumRT) and Todd (ToddRT) have been working on getting some things togethor and attending events and shows getting out the FLXC name.

I totally agree with the gas prices they are beyond funny anymore.:doh:
Tampa checking in
Got ya down, thanks for checkin in.
just tell me when and where!!

is anything scheduled?
Actually you can check the www.flxc.org website that is our own club website and on the main page there is a hyperlink to our current events calendar it is stocked full of upcoming events and activities.

Also, every Friday evening from about 5:00 pm. to about 10:00pm we all meet up at Old Town, in Kissimmee.

If you need anything just get with anyone of us, we will be glad to help and WELCOME!!!!

Lake Mary here :)
Well HELLO sweet lady. It was very very good to meet you both, Friday night and have you join us for the drive to Lake Worth Saturday, your new ride is GREAT, and I personally want to welcome you to FLXC.

:welxcome:from Patrick
Awwwwshucks. I had a blast with everyone. You all are so nice :) I will catch up with you when I get back from vacation on the 12th.
Oh and before I forget...Where should I get the hood struts from? and the engine cover?? Thanks
Hood Stuts: www.moparsupercenter.com
Engine Cover: we got it on ebay for $49.00 and took it and had it painted.
I think I have finally got the Central Roll Call list updated, if I have forgot someone please let me know.
Dont forget about me LONGWOOD
Got ya down, Welcome!!!!
add me to the list.....originally from Miami now in Oviedo, florida
Welcome!!! we will be meeting tonight (Friday) at Old Town on 192 in Kissimmee and we meet there weekly, we also have a car show tomorrow afternoon in Altamonte Springs that your more than welcome to come join.
:welxcome:Glad you made it.
Enjoy the forum and you can also check out the Florida LX Clubs's website at www.flxc.org
Look forward to seeing you at one of our meet and greets. On the FLXC website there is a calander of events link on the main page of the site.
Hey guy, it was good meeting you last Friday night. Hope you can make it out again this Friday.
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