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Cat back exhaust-returned

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Can I please for about the 12th time get my $150.00 agreed upon for the purchase of my cat back. This was supposed to be used as a mock up for your turbo. It has been used on Amber/t's car now for 7 months. I did not want to start this thread but you have left me no alternative. After several promises from Rick to sort this out we are now at this stage. Next step is to show up at Rick's employment downtown Toronto and make a fool of myself. Man I hate being ripped off.:loser:

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Yeah, but why do you have to beat the guy over the head to do something he should have done immediately? I think he owes you extra for the chasing him down...
Come on....this seems to be normal.
For them. How's your exhaust Erik? :doh:
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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