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Car Audio - Double-Din, Amps, Subs

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Well guys its time for a new car so I am stripping down the Magnum. Up for sale is all of my car audio equipment.

Alpine IVA-W505 Double-Din Multimedia Radio; SOLD!!

Alpine PDX 4.150 4 Channel Amp. SOLD

Sundown SAZ-1000D Mono Amp. Very efficient Sub Amp. This is TRUE power not the "Max Power" ratings that everyone else specs. Will do 1000x1 1ohm or 600x1 2ohm.
Retails for $450, SELLING FOR $225

JL Audio 12w6v2 Subwoofers, I have 2 of these available. Amazing Sound quality and accuracy. These speakers are probably the best set of subs Ive ever owned. Subs are not abused, run sealed at optimum RMS, Perfect Cone and Surrounds.
Retail for $399.99/each will sell for $220/per sub

PM or Email [email protected]
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The car Im buying has an integrated dashboard that wont fit the double-din without extensive modification. Id sell the setup as a whole package depending on what you all wanted included...PM ME!! This is all out of a Magnum, I have the amps under the cargo cover in the back and the Nav-Dash bezel allows very easy install!
Yes I will sell the Distro Block as well...$25
BUMP!! Will negotiate reasonable offers!!
Items are going to be removed within the next couple of days, this holiday week has screwed me
Everything is still available except for the Distro Block which is spoken for....I can include the Alpine Nav/Bluetooth Unit with it for an extra cost....
Radio Includes Remote, Ipod/USB Cable, Video Lockout Bypass, Mounting Kit, Harness, Ant Adapter,
The Nav unit is the NVE-P1

Will Include the Dodge Navigation Dash Bezzle for an extra price too....

Id do the WHOLE setup with Radio/Navigation/Bezel for $930 SHIPPED!!
Well whoever wants to head unit is probably going to want the remote with it, so I cant just sell it off, I have an extra multi-function remote which is the RUE-4190
Since shipping will probably be about $10, Ill sell it to you for $25 Shipped
I used the Metra Kit and moved the iso screws back a little bit so it sat flush...I am the original owner of the Sundown and I am an authorized dealer as well....I have the wired gain control for it at work, Ill have to check and see if I have the birth sheet for it, it ran 2 12w6v2s at 1ohm and gave them plenty of juice, no internal fan on the 1000D....
Payment Received on IVA-W505 and Dash Bezel!
Bump, Lowered Prices

PDX 4.150 now $300

Sundown 1000D $225
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