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Can you believe i sold this car ?

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I still can't believe I sold her, but at the time she was worth more as a down payment on a house then a car that rarely saw the light of day. Everyday since I have doubted my move. She was spotless, and drew a ton of attention at the shows. I miss her like the love of my life that I let get away.
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I've done the same thing , 67 RS/SS , 68 RS/SS 396 , a 70 LS-6 4spd Chevelle SS, just to name a few, I have very fond memories of them, but I look at the time I did it and always come back to it was the right thing to do at the time....the responsible thing...as someone else said.
Be glad that you have pics, as many of my cars, the pics are long gone, just the mental ones still there.
Enjoy your house, your family, but remember where she got you.

Good luck with your house

1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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