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break in...makes me SO mad!

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Hubby's gun shop got broken into last night....they broke right through a heavy plate glass door (typical shop style door). Thank goodness the guys are religious about keeping all firearms in the safes when the store is not staffed, and no firearms were stolen...the jerks did get a mag worth about $250...and some other small things (ammo, holsters...)...

I will never understand why some people think they can just take other people's hard earned stuff...makes no sense to me...never will.

Thanks for letting me vent...grr....
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comes around goes around. The only joy will to be around to see it go around with those involved.
sorry to hear about your b&e, but the important thing is that more firearms didn't end up in the wrong hands! GOOD JOB!!!
Here we go again. Yet again good people are the target of the slimeball scum of the Earth. Is there no pit we can throw these people into and topsoil them alive!!

Sorry Sue. Hope they accidently shoot themselves in the head when they are loading it!
Thanks guys....and again, NO FIREARMS were stolen, thank goodness...that is the good part of the story.
sorry to hear about that. those ratbastards!
Glad to hear your hubbie and son take the precautions to put the weapons away when they are not there. What a bummer that it happened but I'm betting your husband is counting his blessings for really good safes. Deterrent is the greatest safety in a case like this.
Wow, sorry to hear about that, Sue! They didn't leave my computer bag behind, did they?
I don't think so Lou...but I will ask! :)
sorry sue...on the plus side they didn't steal any guns...who knows maybe it would be one of the ones i'm going to buy. then i'd be really pissed lol. i'll be in touch though :)
Sorry to hear about that Sue. In my field I run into this all the time.
iRock said:
That's terrible Sue. Sorry and glad they didn't get a lot of guns.
I feel the same way, but I was to lazy to post, so I hijacked iRock. :)
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