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break in...makes me SO mad!

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Hubby's gun shop got broken into last night....they broke right through a heavy plate glass door (typical shop style door). Thank goodness the guys are religious about keeping all firearms in the safes when the store is not staffed, and no firearms were stolen...the jerks did get a mag worth about $250...and some other small things (ammo, holsters...)...

I will never understand why some people think they can just take other people's hard earned stuff...makes no sense to me...never will.

Thanks for letting me vent...grr....
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Video surveillance is getting mondo cheaper. If I was closer I'd offer to help set something up.

All it takes these days is a computer system, camera, and internet connection (optional) to watch a place like that fairly cheaply.

A glorified webcam (webcam with security camera features) these days are not too expensive on ebay and data can be recorded, compressed, dumped onto a harddrive etc. Check with your local computer guys to see what kind of setups are available in your area. (A camera inside to see the guys and a camera outside to see their vehicle might catch a crook)
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