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A month or so ago I started getting the ABS, ESP and BAS lights intermittently when starting to drive, but they would go away after later stopping and restarting. Now they're on all the time. I had the ESP and BAS lights before about 5 years ago and it was a bad left rear tone ring, so now I probably have it on the right.

C1035 Right Rear Wheel Speed Comparative Performance
C1049 Right Rear Wheel Pressure Phase Monitoring
C1032 Right Rear Wheel SpeedSensor Signal Erratic Performance
U1418 Implausible Right Wheel Distance Signal Received

I'm also noticing the brakes feel weak, requiring more pressure, but there's nothing physically wrong with the calipers, pads or rotors. Could that be ABS related?

Finally, I now always have to press the Brake Interlock Override to shift out of Park no matter how hard I stand on the brake pedal.

Any ideas?
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