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Best Holiday Window display ever at dealer

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On the way home from my company Christmas party we went past
our local dealer, Campbell Chrysler Dodge Jeep.
What a pleasant surprise for the holiday.
An early 70s vintage Mopar on the left. I think it is a GTX.
Then a 73 Challenger,
a 2008or2009 Challenger
and an SRT8 Charger in black.

So I was dying to get a picture. When my friend and I went back on
lunch hour to take pictures the Challenger was out on the street and
there was a beautiful little Prowler sitting in it's place. It was a very
odd color of red with copper highlights when I saw it sitting out on
my way to work one day.

So out of the five models pictured, what would be on your list if you could pick one?
I'm really liking the GTX but the R/T Challenger would work just fine too!
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That's cool!!:thumbs_u:
1 - 1 of 27 Posts
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