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BCR Coilovers

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I have been doing some research on coilovers and the BCR ones seem to be a good and affordable option. I must admit that the installation is scaring me a little. I am not mechanically inclined so I would ask a friend ( who is ) to help me out. What I am the most worried about though is height adjustment. I read a few threads about how to install and adjust but I still had a few questions. I managed to find the installation ''manual'' online and went through it. Let's just say that it didn't give me full confidence. Circuit Motorsports seem to be the place to buy this kit ( I have read nothing but good reviews about you guys ) so I had a few questions to ask.

1) Can you please explain to me, in simple terms, how to adjust the height, especially in the rear ( adjusting springs and shocks? ). Seems to be more complicated in that area?

2) I had read somewhere ( I think ) that you could choose between different springs?

3) How low can I go without having to buy extra parts?

4) Will the parts work in a -20 ºF environment ( that's how cold it gets in the winter )?

5) Being in Canada, what kind of support will I get if I run into problems with the install or with the parts if defective for example?

6) Is there a LXF price?

I had more questions while researching but that's all I can think of for now. I don't race, street or track. I have a wife and 3 young kids so I'm looking for a mild drop ( in between 1''-2'' ) with a comfortable ride.

Thank you for taking the time to read and answer my questions.

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You might find this install manual a little more informative than what comes with the BCR's.


They do try to give a starting point for height adjustment.
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