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Sometimes my Magnum has difficulty starting in cold weather...so i was thinking it could be the battery. The battery in there now has 730 cold cranking amps...is that enough? I'm in Rochester, and temps have been teens-30's the past couple weeks. usually it has a harder time starting when it's closer to the teens. other than the start problem, everything seems to be running just fine, no codes or weird noises.
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rochester NY...the EVIC shows 14.5 volts so the battery is still good. the times that it does not start up, its about a min or two of holding the key in the "start" position, and it doesnt fire up. its just a lot of starter motor whine and thats it, until the HEMI finally starts.
If the starter is cranking, I doubt it is the battery. I would try the cam sensor like Funky suggested.

I wasnt sure if it was maybe JUST under the CCA that the starter needed, so it would crank but not fast enough to start the engine, or what. but yeah, i will look into the cam sensor too.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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