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I am looking to get a baffle, ( the part that surrounds the air filter ). Are they availible by themselves?
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Typically we call that the airbox, and some companies refer to it as a "heat shield". Because our design is completely enclosed and has a removable lid we refer it to an airbox as opposed to a shield. Unfortunately we do not sell only pieces or parts (other than replacement filters). Is there a reason that you only want the box and not everything else? What year, make and model vehicle do you have? Thanks!
I must ask, why would you not just buy the whole kit rather than just wanting a heat shield? Lets say you put on just a shield, well unless you have an insulated intake tube (our intake tube is ceramic coated to reduce heat soak) then once the air reaches the intake tube it is still going to heat right back up regardless of the heat shield you put on there?? That being said all that is left is the filter, which ours is designed with a smooth bore tube stop to the spec of the intake tube, as well as the surface area aof pleating needed relative to the air flow that the box and tube will provide. Everything we have is designed to work with eaachother to reach the main goal of lower IAT and better air flow. So if you are just using 1 part of the system as opposed to the whole thing, you are not getting the full performance benefits, and essentially wasting your money in terms of what you are trying to accomplish with a cai. I say that because without the entire system being insulated your IAT is going to go up regardless of just using a heat shield or not. Hopefully that makes sense.
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