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I thought it might clean the place up if we moved some of the Sticky threads that are good to have, but not often used - so how 'bout this: I'll make a list with direct links to those here in this thread, and Stick it. It might make it a little easier to see what the active events are without getting them lost in these.

AZLX "Faces to Names" thread

Arizona LX Club want ads

AZLX Pay It Forward Pile...

Speed trap photo radar van!

Let It Fly! The AZLX Gas Tank.

AZ Club Shirts - Samples, Options, and Prices

Create Your AZ Modern Mopar Muscle Profile

AZ Spotted Thread

Wineburger Wednesday!

Arizona Track Talk and Timeslip thread

Roll Call !!

Anyone up for 83rd/Beardsley

What's your trade??? Arizona area please!

If there are any other good threads that you guys think should be added here, let me know!

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I like it! Great idea Mike. Thank you! As a memember who uses AZLX Mobile 99% of the time to access the forums via Blackberry (roller-ball), you just added 7 years to my thumb-life!
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