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Anyone near Lancaster, PA to check a car for me?

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I can't believe I'm considering a car sight unseen, but this is exactly what I have been looking for in a buyer's frenzy Charger market. If you are near this dealer in Lancaster, PA perhaps you can check it out for me?

2019 Used Dodge Charger R/T RWD at Autohaus Lancaster, Inc., PA, IID 21939955

I have contacted the dealer for shipping quotes and a 1 year extended warranty. Also asking for underbody pictures. The dealer has good feedback ratings. The price seems very reasonable to me. Thanks!
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Where are you located? I would NEVER buy a car sight unseen.

Still recall an ‘event’ from my Mercury Marauder days where a retired auto worker in the Detroit area bought a ‘pristine, low mileage car only driven by a minister’s wife on Sundays’.

The crappy photos and bs story were obvious. We advised against it, he went through with the transaction anyway and had it shipped to Michigan. Long story short: car was junk, we were ‘racists’ (?), and he resold the car at a huge lost. Getting attacked in PMs was an interesting experience.

Go and inspect the car yourself before buying it.
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Never mind. Spoke with the dealer this morning. They were very polite and informed me that 5 people are interested in the car and "it will probably sell this week".

I just need to lay low and buy a Grand Marquis to get me through this 'last call' buying frenzy.
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That's nuts.
It looks nice, and cared for (with all the extras in the trunk), BUT almost $40k for a '19 with "just" the 5.7 is crazy IMO.
The mileage is low, but I'm still blown away that there was little (if any) depreciation -- considering that Power Dollars were around back then.
These cars used to depreciate pretty bad (when new), but in this market.....not so much.
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