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Anyone into oddball guns here?

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I saw this the other day and couldn’t believe it! $4135 for a gun that when new in 91-93 sold for $550 and many say it was a POS!
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I purchased the 45acp version brand new in 2001 for $500 and the shop where I purchased it still had 3-4 more in 45acp and 5 in 10mm! I wish I would’ve bought them all!!! Unfortunately it was lost in a boating accident with all the others!
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😂 Ever shot one? They’re built like a tank that can’t be broken! Designed like a CZ with internal rails. Little to not recoil with the hottest 10mm loads and even 45 auper! And if you can’t kill whatever you shooting at you can use it like a sledgehammer and beat it to death!!
I thought that was Hi-Point, but maybe minus the trashy gritty trigger? :p
It's GunBroker... People want $900 for a used CZ BREN case without the BREN.
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Yea definitely not a Hi Point (Austrian for Glock)! These things are damn near the size of a desert eagle. As far as CZ and their prices most of their metal frame guns definitely carry a premium price but their P10 series is right in line with Glock (Austrian for Hi Point). The difference is the P10’s are actually quality firearms!
Try on a Baby Eagle (Jericho 941)... It's based on the CZ 75, but IWI added thier own design elements to suit thier military needs... (and consequentially, the civilian market). The steel-framed Jericho 941 is beauty, power, form, function, and reasonability for ~$500 (used to be cheaper when everything else was). Can't speak for the polymer-framed "enhanced" Jerichos as I never tried those.
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