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Hey guys, pretty new here but I have a 2006 300c 5.7 that I just installed a stage 1 comp HRT cam in. I'm working on the tune with Sean from Hemifever, but after the install, my shifts have gone soft and almost slippy. Sean said he hasn't/can't change the logic on the trans on mine being a 2006 and the only files I have on my diablo tuner to send him are all labeled PCM. I have verified the fluid level is the same as before the install with a dipstick tool I have. When I disconnected the trans cooler lines from the AC condenser, I did not label them or anything and when I put them back, I put the feed line on the top hole and the return on the bottom. Is that the correct orientation? I have reset the TCM adaptations, changed the shift firmness from stock to increased several times, and still get an unresponsive shift pattern. It was super firm and responsive before the cam. I am unable to figure out what would be causing it and the car won't run on any of the canned tunes well enough to try and test the shifts to see if its somehow related to the tuning. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated :)
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