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Inquiring minds want to know ;)
The first show of the season will be at Chic-Fil-A in Howell run by the Bluemoonkruizers. The first show should be either the third or fourth Saturday night in April. Its a great show with some of the best cars you will see anywhere. All proceeds go to charity such as the Howell food bank. I have been attending this show for 2 years and usually attend 6 or so there. They have a couple of shows for special fund raising that we will be attending as club also.

Chic-Fil-A restaurant, Lowes shopping center, Rt.9 North (across from Walmart), Howell, NJ 5 PM mailto:[email protected]http://www.bluemoonkruizers.freehosting.net

Second show: 2nd Saturday of May.
I had the pleasure of meeting some of the officers of this club at the Polish American Festival and car show at the PNC Arts center this year. Great group of guys and they invited me to their club show. Its a nice smaller show with 50 to 70 cars. There are a few restaurants in the Plaza to have a meal while the show gets started. Good music, great cars and a nice bunch of folks to spend a night with.
Middletown Plaza Route # 35 South & Kings Hwy. Middletown (2nd & 4th Saturday May thru September) 6-9 PM
732-739-5289 mailto:[email protected]

Third Show: 4th Saturday of May.
You have do one or two Whiskey shows a year at least! 300 plus cars, great music, special vendors. Show starts at 5 goes to 10 (an hour later than previous years) and you need to be there by 5PM to get a good parking spot. The food at Whiskeycafe is good but the prices have gone through the roof. I thought we would meet at Rutts Hut in Clifton at 4PM for a meal before going to the show. Rutts is an old famous dog, burger and chili joint. The food is great and its cheap! Whiskeys serves beer and soda outside in the show area through out the night.
WHISKEY CAFE, 1050 WALL STREET, LYNDHURST, NJ. 973-942-5500 http://www.whiskeycafe.com/Saturday_Nite/saturday_nite.html#SatCarShow

So thats how I see us opening the season. This is subject to change based on everyones input but if goes un-objected I thinks its a good start to the season. As the spring gets closer additional show information will become available and we will fill out our schedule for the show season.
I think we should have an official Club show event every other week for the season. The weeks in between can be a wing it thing to hit new shows, Chic's , Whiskeys for who ever wants to come out or a weekend to spend away from shows doing other things with the family. Me, I'm a junkie I try to go to a show every Saturday.

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Sounds good Fred...:thumbs_u: Jacob, you best get a move on with them SRT wheels april is gonna be here fast...:mrgreen:
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