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I know it's common knowledge with regards to the Eibach kits and everything else in the 1.5" drop range... But I ran a search, sorted through a bunch of posts, and didn't find one actual case of a forum member complaining that mopar springs caused their shocks to die an early death -- anyone know otherwise?

The other thing I couldn't really find is someone who had installed the new magnum mopar springs (the ones on the Mopar Superstore site for under $200) on an SXT; I did come across alot of "speculation" that the front may not drop correctly due to the lighter v6 engine... Anyone actually drop an SXT with these?

I know coilovers is the right thing to do -- just too much money, and I'd be happy enough with the stance of a mere 1" drop... So, sorry to beat a dead horse, I know there's a wealth of info available by searching the forum, but... ya know... I did try:loser:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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