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727 bay area meet

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Hey guys , Ive been a member of chargerforums for a while now and have done several meets with them... Ive probably met some of you at the mopar at oldtown meet we did a few months back. I was hoping to have a meet for the local LX's somewhere in new port richey, possibly at the winghouse, I havent contacted anyone about it yet but wanted to see how much interest there would be in having it. Id like to do it sometime in mid January possibly the 17th which is a saturday. I posted this on chargerforums as well and will begin a list of those who are interested. Thanks and hopefully some of yall will come out!
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Well 2 is a start lol... so Ill start the list here and Im thinking we can all meet at the winghouse in New Port Richey. I will post an adress and map before the end of the weekend. Im Thinking the 17th at maybe 12-1 oclock. Theres also a small beach down the road with a long road leading to it might be nice for some pictures depending on the weather.

1. Mrinfernored
I didnt realize the meet in plant city was the same day so theres a couple options. We could still meet there and drive to the other meet together, or just scrap the meet... No no not a scrap meet ;).
Id be in for that let me know!
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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