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6.1L Hemi Registry #950 Trojan

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2008 Dodge Challenger SRT-8

Vehicle Color:

Brilliant Black Pearl

Factory Options:

All options
No Sunroof

Modifications and aftermarket:

Mod list:
HHP/BES 426 Blower Stroker Motor
HHP/BES Ported & Polished Cylinder Heads
HHP/BES Stage 4 SRT-8 Blower Cam
Custom Ross Pistons & Rings, Callies Compstar Crankshaft & Rods, 2000 ARP Bolts, ACL Bearings, PSI Valve Springs, Manley Titanium Retainers, Manley Pushrods, ATI Balancer 8.5 to 1 compression
CTP Fuel Rails
Kenne Bell 2.8 Twin Screw Supercharger
Diablosport Custom CMR Tuning by Bob @ SVS and Adam @ S.T.Motorsports
Kooks Custom Stepped Race Headers
Corsa Performance Cat-Back Exhaust
Paramount performance Hi Tq Nag-1 Transmission
Custom Race Torque Converter
Driveshaft Shop 1000hp Axles
Quaife Limited Slip Differential (LSD)
Fore Fuel System
Pedders Full Race Suspension
Full 6-Point Removable Roll Bar
Custom Race Seats & Harness
Custom T/A Challenger Hood
Custom Front Grill & Lighting
Custom Front & Rear Carbon Fiber Spoilers
Intro Ram 5 Custom 20" Wheels w/ ID Center Caps
Toyo 255/45 front & 275/45 Rear Proxes ST II Tires

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Spent Saturday at Modern Muscle Mayhem, Did a Speed Channel Interview and then AJ from "OverHaulin" Did some stuff with my car and the film crew. Look for her new Show in October where my ride will be featured. Oh and my 300C won first place for Baddest 300C.

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very cool bro... super happy for ya...
Want to send a shout out to everyone at Pedders for my Track II Kit,and all the guys at HMS for installing the Kit. 42 bushings, Sways, End Links, Coil Overs, Rear springs/struts.

They had my car for 2 days like they said, treated me like a Rock Star,:rock: and did everything right the first time. :thumbs_u::thumbs_u:

Hav'nt got to drive it much but the little I have has been amazing, Im really digging this car, It Handles ALOT better then my "C" hands down. Im finally getting used to it, OMFG! is alls I can say!!!:racing:The weight balance is what was tripping me out, but I was used to my "C",

My "C" is way faster for now, but the Chally out handles it all day long!:friday::friday:
I cant wait to get this slot car on a road course with some real tires.

Dodge Challenger SRT8 fully Pedderized!. A pictorial documentation

The Differences of the Chally suspension from the other LX's are below.

Tubular Trailing arms

Rear Bilstiens, Springs
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Very cool Chris
So we move on with this build.
We removed some body parts for some unknown reason :blam:, I've had a hard time sleeping while these have been gone, Im supposed to get them back tomorrow,

Then these arrived with some Hi-Flos cats, Fresh from KOOKS with the step up 1 7/8" to 2" Design, All coted and ready to go!! Thanks HHP!

She got flat beded to a fab shop for some work, Here she is ready to go into surgery. She should be ready for pick up friday!!

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Congrats on taking baddest 300C.

Looking forward to seeing the results and I see your Challenger is following in your 300s footsteps.
Who's going to be doing all the work on it Chris, Looks major especially with the engine comming out
My good Ol' Buddy Cam :not_worth and myself are gonna do the Motor swap, Cat-Back, TQ Conv, And wire up all the new Innovate Gauges. 3 day event Id say, Cam say's 2 day! :doh:
Well I know everything will be done right with Cam at the helm
Well I know everything will be done right with Cam at the helm
For sure! Im not even sweating the work Cam's gonna do!
Damn, missed this thread... WOW, cant wait to see the finished product.
Looking good can't wait to see and hear the end results...BTW those Headers Looking GOOD...:thumbs_u:
Right on, SMS confirmed with me yesterday, The Chally will have SMS Blower #1 installed on the HHP/BES 426 Stroker the end of this month!!!!
Right on, SMS confirmed with me yesterday, The Chally will have SMS Blower #1 installed on the HHP/BES 426 Stroker the end of this month!!!!
Can't wait to see some more pics of this beast as it progresses! Keep up the great work!
The new HHP/BES 426 is arriving monday. Low compression JE pistons and a Blower cam.

And here's my new Edge 3k Stall Converter!

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Crap, don't forget we gotta plug the drivers side oil dip stick hole bud.
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