these were all taken out of a 2009 6.1 SRT-8 CHALLENGER be fore it was supercharged they have 8k on these
Stock 6.1 crankshaft, rods, pistons, harmonic balancer excellent condition.
Stock cam $250
pushrods and valve springs/retainers. 1 valve cover. Stock idler fan belt tensioner and fan belt.rods, pistons, harmonic balancer excellent condition.$400
Rear main seal/retainer. $40
stock fuel pump.$70
Stock flywheel/flexplate $150
Complete 6.1 exhaust (minus manifolds and tips..does have the cats) $1500 ...$500 without the cats
Mopar Performance high performance NAG-1 transmission controller $350
Stock driveshaft $400
Stock fuel injectors set $150
HP high flow fuel injectors set $450
complete throttle pedal assembly with electronics $45
Brand new SRT-8 front brake pads EBC Brakes DP31764C-EBC Redstuff 3000 Series Ceramic Brake Pads $165
Rear suspension stock lower control arms $125
perfect for doing a rebuild
i can take more pics upon request