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6.1 Cam install

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Hey guys. I havent posted much on here, but Im going to be doing a cam only install pretty soon for my winter project. I found a pretty good wright up on here, what im wondering is how many of you, used magnets to hold the lifters back when doing it? How did you keep the magnet from falling down the hole also? Im going to be doing the SRT Max cam. Thank you for any help
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After you pull the timing chain and the pushrods, quickly spin the cam a few times. The lifter bores are almost parallel with the ground. The oil surrounding them in the bores will hold them up out of the way.
Valve covers, T-stat housing and timing chain are all O ringed or have reusable gaskets... A little RTV for the very bottom corners of the timing cover won't hurt.
You know someone that had a lifter fall all the way in requiring them to pull the motor?

be really careful if you do the cam without anything to hold the lifters......I know alot of guys have done it ......but I also know alot of guys that spun the cam only to have the lifters slide back down.If one does drop you will be pulling the motor.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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